TN 94 (04-23)

NL 00703.256 Change to Direct Payment — Child Turns 18 and is a Student

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We are writing to you about the Social Security checks you get for (1) . Now that (2) is 18 years old, we have decided to send these checks to (3) .

We will make this change beginning with the check due around (4) . If you get checks for any other children, we will continue to send them to you.


If You Have Saved Any Money




What You Need to Do



If You Have Any Questions

3901C - Domestic

3901D - Foreign


  • Send this notice to the former payee when a child turns age 18 and is a student beneficiary. Request this letter on Form SSA-573 and furnish the name and address of the former payee.

  • Use paragraph 3821A in all cases. Refer to NL 00703.821 for text and fill-ins.

  • Use paragraph 3821B if final accounting is requested. Refer to NL 00703.821 for text.



  1. (1) 

    name of beneficiary, in the format of Mark Jones

  2. (2) 

    first name of beneficiary

  3. (3) 


  4. (4) 

    month, day, year that the beneficiary or new payee will first receive the student benefit, in the format of June 3, 1985

See NL 00703.005E. for 3901C and 3901D text and fill-in.


Use Form SSA-L2000-C2 (Universal Notice) and follow the notice standards. Information for this notice will be shown on Form SSA-573.

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