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VB 00205.105 Determining What is Other Benefit Income

A. Introduction

The following sections provide examples of what benefits would, or would not, constitute other benefit income for SVB purposes. The lists are not all inclusive and are designed to provide guidance in determining whether a benefit constitutes other income.

B. Kinds of Other Benefit Income

Other benefit income includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Title II benefits

  • Railroad retirement benefits

  • U.S. Veterans Affairs compensation and pension benefits

NOTE: The SVB is not reduced by the augmented portion (as noted in SI 00830.314) of a benefit, lump-sum clothing allowances (as explained in SI 00830.310), payments resulting from unusual medical expenses (as discussed in SI 00830.302) or aid and assistance and household allowances (as discussed in SI 00830.308). Such payments are not considered to be “other benefit income.”

  • Foreign Veterans benefits (e.g., PVAO in the Philippines)

  • Civil Service benefits (e.g., GSIS in the Philippines)

  • Military pensions (e.g., AFP in the Philippines)

  • Black Lung benefits

  • Bureau of Indian Affairs benefits

  • Unemployment Compensation

  • Worker's Compensation

  • State, Local or Foreign Government pensions or disability benefits (e.g., SSS in the Philippines)

  • Employer or union pension

  • Insurance or annuity payments

  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA) payments

C. Kinds of Payments that are not “Other Benefit Income”

The following are some examples of benefits that are not “other benefit income.”

  • Supplemental Security Income benefits

  • Rent, dividends, interest and royalties

  • Money/support from relatives or friends

  • Earnings from employment or self-employment

  • Reparation payments made by Austria or Germany

  • Certain VA benefits as explained in VB 00205.105B, NOTE

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