TN 10 (10-94)

RM 03870.020 Incorrect SSN or Surname on W-2


If the NH or employer advises SSA that either the SSN or surname is incorrect on a W-2:

Request a Numident, DEQY and SEQY for the NH for the year in question and surrounding years for comparison purposes to determine if, during the Annual Wage Report (AWR) match, the system was able to identify the true NH and post the earnings. If the earnings are posted:


    Advise the NH that the earnings were posted and forward an SSA-7004 to the NH for request of a PEBES, if the NH desires a current earnings statement.

If the earnings are not posted, then:

  • Verify the identity of the individual.

  • Do not request an SSA-7008 (Request for Correction of Earnings Record), nor forward an SSA-7004 to the NH.

  • Query Suspense and if the earnings are located in Suspense, reinstate the earnings to the NH in IC. (MSOM EM 012.001 and MSOM EM 013.001)

CAUTION: Do Not reinstate the earnings from Suspense to the NH if there is any question concerning the identity, the amount of earnings, etc. If several individuals with similar names, i.e., J. Jones, J. J. Jones, Jim Jones, etc., are shown in Suspense for the same employer for the same year develop to determine the correct earnings for the NH.

If both the name and SSN are incorrect on the W-2, advise the NH to contact the employer for a corrected W-2 or initiate development to correct the earnings record.


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