TN 36 (11-23)

RM 03870.057 When Earnings May Be Transferred

A. Policy

Wages reported for any year after 1936 or SEI reported for any year after 1950 may be transferred from one SSN to another (or to the Suspense file if the NH to whom they belong cannot be identified) at any time.

Earnings may be transferred under the following conditions:

  • Earnings were reported with a name which clearly differs from that on the ER to which they are posted, and

  • The person alleges that the earnings posted to their ER do not belong to them. The individual disclaiming the earnings should complete a disclaimer statement. The statement must meet the criteria in RM 03870.060; or

  • The reporting employer establishes to whom the earnings belong; or

  • One person provides sufficient acceptable evidence to substantiate their allegation that the earnings are there's. This can be a tax return with W-2's or any other evidence which clearly shows that the earnings in question are there's and do not belong to the NH on whose record they are posted; and

  • The total amount of earnings being transferred or reallocated from one NH to another NH or to Suspense is unchanged.

EXAMPLE: The DEQY shows NH has earnings in 1990 and 1991 from employers in both Georgia and Utah. The NH states they have never lived in Georgia. The Georgia FO is unable to locate the individual to whom the earnings belong. Accept the NH's disclaimer statement and transfer the earnings to Suspense.

B. Procedure

Transfer or move the earnings to the correct NH or to Suspense, as appropriate in ICOR. (MSOM EM 022.001 , MSOM EM 023.001 ) Do NOT “delete” the earnings.

If the claimant alleges that they are a victim of identity theft always indicate this in ICOR on the Remarks Screen (ERMK) and/or the Report of Contact Screen (EROC).

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