TN 10 (10-94)

RM 03870.062 Issuance of a Second SSN

A. Policy

1. When to Issue a Second SSN

A second SSN is issued to the NH if this is the only means of resolving the scramble and:

  • The NH has cooperated with our investigation; and

  • Attempts to locate the individual using the NH's SSN have been unsuccessful; and

  • The NH has earnings posted to his/her SSN in the 2 last prelag years which belong to someone else and/or there is evidence of current (lag) usage; and

  • The NH requests or agrees to accept a new SSN.

  • A wrong number SSN situation exists. When SSA becomes aware of a wrong number SS-5 situation, action must be taken to assign a new SSN to the appropriate individual. (RM 10220.350)

2. When Not to Issue a Second SSN

Do not issue a second SSN when:

  • Neither individual cooperates or can be located; or

  • The correct SSN for all individuals involved in the scramble is identified; or

  • There have been no earnings by the second individual posted to the NH's SSN in the lag or last 2 prelag years. There is no indication that the second individual is continuing to use the NH's SSN; or

  • Evidence indicates that the NH has several SSN's; or

  • An illegal alien is involved. An SSN cannot be assigned to an illegal alien simply to resolve an earnings problem or scrambled earnings situation (RM 10205.020). No attempt should be made to contact an individual who worked illegally in the U.S. and is not currently residing in the U.S.

B. References

  • Wrong number SSN cases and assignment of new SSN, RM 10220.350.

  • Multiple SSN situations, RM 10220.405.

  • Processing SSN requests involving scrambled earnings cases, RM 10220.370.

  • Transferring earnings to Suspense in IC, MSOM EM 022.001 .

  • Transferring earnings to another NH in IC, MSOM EM 022.004 , MSOM EM 023.001 .

  • Requesting Microprint of SS-5, RM 10225.030.

  • Repossession of SSN, RM 10201.075A.1.

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