TN 96 (05-24)

RM 10205.210 When an Applicant Requests a Receipt for Filing an Application for an SSN Card

A receipt confirms that an individual successfully completed an application for a SSN card AND the applicant will receive an SSN card.

When an applicant requests a statement in writing that they completed an application for an SSN card but an additional action is needed before a SSN card may be processed, e.g., verification or translation of documents, see Acknowledgement Requested for an Application for an SSN Card, RM 10205.215.

A. Consider an alternative to issuing a receipt

If the applicant says theirr employer or other third party must know the applicant’s SSN immediately:

  • Offer to notify the applicant of the SSN by phone as soon as it is available (For further information see GN 03360.005A.1.b); or

  • Attempt to resolve the problem by calling the employer or other third party while the applicant is present, if the application is for a replacement SSN card; or

  • Offer to use one of the third-party notification procedures in Third-Party Notifications (For further information see RM 10205.220 - RM 10205.225).

In contacts with employers, explain that one of the alternative procedures for notification of an employee's SSN is preferable to a receipt because:

  • Receipt forms are subject to misuse.

  • Using one of the alternative procedures, we furnish the employee's SSN. A receipt does not contain an SSN and the employer must still rely on the employee to provide their SSN at a later date.

B. When to print a receipt

Print a receipt only when:

  • The alternatives in RM 10205.210A in this section are unacceptable,

  • The applicant must have written confirmation that theyare being issued an SSN card, and

  • A SSNAP application is successfully entered and an SSN card is issued.

Generate the receipt through SSNAP from the Additional Printing screen in the application path, or from the Forms/Letters screen accessed from the Main Menu.

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