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RM 10210.085 Acceptable Forms of Evidence for an SSN

Only certain forms of evidence are acceptable for an SSN application. The following forms of evidence are acceptable only if permitted under the requirements for the evidence factor the document is establishing (i.e., age, identity, or citizenship/lawful alien status).

A. Acceptable forms of evidence for an SSN

The following are examples of acceptable forms of evidence for an SSN:

  • The original record or document (For additional information, see GN 00301.030A.1.);

  • A properly certified extract record (For additional information, see GN 00301.030A.2.); or

  • A properly certified copy of the original record. (For additional information, see GN 00301.030A.3 for definition of extract, see RM 10210.420D.2 .)


Evidence documents that include a sex marker may indicate male or female (M or F) or an unspecified sex marker, such as an X. In all cases, the acceptability of the document does not depend on the sex marker shown on the document, even if it does not match the sex marker on the NUMIDENT or on other evidence documents, if provided.

B. Unacceptable forms of evidence for an SSN

The following are examples of unacceptable forms of evidence for an SSN:

  • Uncertified photocopies and notarized copies;

  • A receipt from Department of Homeland Security (DHS) showing the alien applied for the immigration document; and

  • A Systematic Alien Verification Entitlements (SAVE) response in lieu of the actual immigration document.

NOTE: At this time, we do not accept digital/electronic forms of evidence.

C. Laminated evidence

Documents laminated by someone other than the issuing Agency have a potential to be fraudulent. Many documents have raised seals and other security features in which lamination hampers the visual review, see RM 10210.210., Reviewing Age, Identity, Citizenship and Lawful Alien Status Evidence for an SSN Card. Interviewers should pay close attention to any laminated documents, especially those that have been laminated by an applicant. Request another acceptable document, or verify the document with the issuing Agency/custodian of record if:

  • the document appears altered,

  • there is any question on the authenticity of the document, or

  • the security features are not visible.

D. Reference

  • RM 10210.010, Evidence Policy for an Original or New SSN

  • RM 10210.015, Evidence Policy for a Replacement SSN Card

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