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RM 10225.085 Field Office (FO) Procedure for Handling Requests for an Original Social Security Number (SSN) for a Deceased Person

A. Request for original SSN for a deceased person

1. Determine if the proper applicant needs an SSN Card

Ask the applicant why they need an SSN card. Suggest that the number alone may be sufficient in most cases. If the applicant's explanation sounds reasonable, take action to assign an SSN and issue a card. Otherwise assign an SSN but suppress issuance of the card.

2. Obtain evidence

You do not need to develop for evidence of U.S. citizenship.

You must develop for alien status and identity of the deceased to ensure there is no prior number. Generally, the death certificate will provide sufficient evidence of identity for the deceased.

You must also develop evidence of identity for the applicant as well as evidence to show the person signing the application is a proper applicant.


  • RS 00301.102, Additional Requirements for Alien Workers- Social Security Protection Act of 2004

  • RM 00207.001B, SSN Unknown for Worker in Claims Case - General

  • GN 00302.005B, When a Deceased WE's Age Must be Established

  • RM 10205.025, Enumeration Process – SSA Component Responsibilities

B. Take an SSN card application from the person acting on behalf of the deceased

  1. 1. 

    Complete the application as if the person were alive.

    The information you show on the application will vary, depending whether the applicant requests only the SSN number or the SSN card.

  2. 2. 

    If the applicant needs the SSN card, use the address of the field office (FO) processing the request on the SSNAP Mailing Address screen. For information on mailing the SSN card to the FO manager, see RM 10205.165.

    NOTE: The field office should maintain a log of these requests for security purposes. For information on handling the SSN cards mailed to an applicant c/o the FO manager, see RM 10201.075.

  3. 3. 

    If the applicant does not need the SSN card:

    • Select “yes” to “Suppress card issuance?” on the SSNAP Additional info screen.

    • Obtain and enter complete address data.

    • Select “yes” to “Notify office of SSN assigned?” on the SSNAP Verify and Sign screen.

    • When the FO receives the SSN response, inform the applicant of the SSN.

      For additional information, see the SSNAP User Guide.

  4. 4. 

    To complete the application, annotate:

    • The date of birth established as part of the claims adjudication process on the SSNAP NH info screen.

    • Relationship of the applicant on the SSNAP Applicant info screen.

    • The proof of identity and relationship (to the deceased) information for the proper applicant on the SSNAP Proof of Identity: Other Proper Applicant screen.

    • Remarks field of the SSNAP Summary screen with the phrase, “Deceased NH.”

C. Disposition of card received in FO

When the SSN card is received in the FO, write the word “Deceased” across the face of the card before mailing it to the applicant. (This prevents misuse of the card. For information on maintaining the "Mailed SSN Cards" log, see RM 10201.075).

D. DIPS input after SSN is assigned

After an SSN is assigned, make an input to the Death Information Processing System (DIPS) to establish the fact of death to the Numident. For completion of the DIPS screens, see the DIPS User Guide.

E. Important references for SSN requests for deceased persons

  • RM 10225.090, Request for Replacement Social Security Card (SSN Card) for a Deceased Person

  • RM 10225.095, Request to Update Data on the Numident for a Deceased Person

  • GN 02602.055, Erroneous Death Terminations

For additional information, see the SSNAP User Guide and the DIPS User Guide.

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