TN 8 (05-11)

RM 10225.090 Request for Replacement Social Security Card (SSN Card) for a Deceased Person

A. Policy on issuing a replacement card for a deceased number holder (NH)

SSA does not issue a replacement SSN card when the NH is deceased.

The field office (FO) should offer to provide instructions on how to obtain a Numident. For additional information, see NOTE in GN 03325.025B.2.

B. Documents required for providing SSN information to the requestor

The FO:

  • obtains proper identification and the death certificate from the requestor, if we did not post the fact of death on the Numident.

  • uses the Alphident or Numident to determine the NH's correct SSN, and provide verification to the requestor.

  • determines if the requestor needs an original SSN, if we do not locate an SSN for the deceased. If you determine an original SSN is necessary, see RM 10225.085.  

For information on requests for Numident printouts, see GN 03325.025B.2.

C. SSN requests for deceased persons

For information on SSN request for deceased persons, refer to the following sections:

  • RM 10225.080, Policy on Social Security Number (SSN) Applications on Behalf of Deceased Persons

  • RM 10225.085, Field Office Procedure for Handling Requests for an Original Social Security Number (SSN) for a Deceased Person

  • RM 10225.095, Request to Update Data on the Numident for a Deceased Person

  • GN 02602.055, Erroneous Death Terminations

  • GN 02602.060, The Death Alert, Control and Update System (DACUS)

  • GN 03325.025, Requests for SSN Printout or Numident Printouts

  • SI 02301.255, Erroneous Death Terminations

For additional information, see the SSNAP User Guide .

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