TN 64 (07-23)

GN 00205.100 Address of Claimant for Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applications

A. Policy

The Act prohibits assignment of benefits. We prefer a claimant to use their own address. We will send mail to another person's address only if it is clear that the claimant gave it for personal convenience and the other person has no interest in the payment.

B. General procedure for collecting the address of the claimant

  • Always include the claimant's Zip code.

  • Consider a rural or Star route a home address.

  • Document the file with the home address if the claimant's address is either a P.O. Box, general delivery, or a hospital or institution to which they are confined.

  • Do not consider use of a PO Box alone an indication of possible assignment.

NOTE: In Modernized Claims System (MCS) claims, enter the mailing address on the CADR screen, which propagates to the ADDR screen.

1. In care address

If the claimant's address is in care of another person, document with a signed statement by the claimant, a Report of Contact (RC), the RPOC screen in MCS, or the DROC screen in the Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS):

  • the reason for that address; and

  • the claimant does not intend assignment of benefits.

NOTE: In MCS, use the ADDR screen if an “in care” situation is established. Capture explanations in other screens, such as RMK or DW03.

2. More than one form completed at one sitting

If the interviewer completes more than one form during one interview and the forms are stored together, complete the address block once.

3. No home address

If the claimant has no home address:

  • get the address of a friend or relative with whom the claimant plans to keep in touch;

  • note the friend or relative's address and telephone number in the file and on the Modernized Development Worksheet (MDW) as well as the mailing address (i.e., for notices). Since an MDW has a life of only 120 days, use it only if the FO has no other means of controlling the claim (i.e., paper application) and then it should only be a temporary measure.

4. Claimant in armed forces

If the claimant is in the Armed Forces, include their rank and serial number (after their name); the complete name of the organization (including company, regiment or division); and, if overseas, the Army Post Office (APO) or Fleet Post Office (FPO) number and the post office (PO) through which the claimant's mail is routed.

C. References

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