TN 9 (02-85)

GN 00302.520 BCs Issued as a Result of Adoption Proceedings

A. General

BC's issued as a result of adoption show the child's adoptive name, but the practices of the States vary with regard to the recordation date shown. Some States show the current date of recordation while others show the date the original BC was filed.

B. Policy: Adoption of U.S. born child

When the recordation date is shown as being after the fifth birthday,

  • Do not attempt to obtain the original BC.

  • Assume that the BC is based on an original record that was established at or near birth (in the absence of evidence to the contrary).

    RATIONALE: In many States the original BC can not be obtained without a court order.

C. Policy: adoption of foreign-born child

The same policy as for U.S.-born children applies in the case of an adoption of a child born outside of the U.S.


    RATIONALE: The court approving the adoption will have ascertained the child's DB as nearly as possible.

    NOTE: The child's name may have been changed as a result of the adoption and will not agree with the name on the DHS form issued the child at entry to the U.S. In such a case, obtain an SSA-795 from the adopting parents attesting that the DHS document and the BC refer to the same person.

    See GN 00303.300I. for instructions about evidence of U.S. citizenship for foreign-born adopted children.

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