TN 9 (02-85)

GN 00302.525 Religious Record of Birth or Baptism

A. General

A religious record may be a source of evidence of age. Its probative value depends on the claimant's age when it was recorded.

B. Cross-reference

See GN 00302.052, GN 00302.056, GN 00302.115 and GN 00302.118 for types of religious records and their probative value.


C. How to assist claimant in securing religious records

Step Action


Ask the claimant if he/she ever participated in a recorded religious ceremony.

• If yes, go to step 2.
• If no, use another source of evidence.
2 Ask the claimant at approximately what age the ceremony occurred.
3 Explain that we are requesting this information only to allow us to assist in securing evidence of age.


  • Use Form SSA-L706, which specifically asks for the date the record was established, to assist the claimant in requesting a certificate of the religious record (see GN 00302.070).

  • In the absence of information to the contrary, assume that a domestic religious record of birth or baptism was registered shortly after the event or ceremony.

  • See GN 00307.100 regarding foreign documents.


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