TN 9 (02-85)

GN 00302.535 Registration of Births of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad

A. General

Foreign service posts are authorized and required, upon application by the parents or other interested person to record the birth abroad of any child who acquired a valid claim to U.S. citizenship at birth.

B. Forms FS-240 and FS-545

There are two foreign service forms that record births abroad of a U.S. citizen. Either one is acceptable evidence of age and U.S. citizenship for SSA purposes. If a claimant possesses either form, it will not be necessary to request a public or religious record of birth. The forms are:

  • FS-240 (Report of Birth Abroad of a Citizen of the United States)

    • Reports the birth abroad of a child of a U.S. citizen

    • Is not a BC

    • Is a certification of the facts of birth based upon the affidavit of the person furnishing the information and supporting documentary evidence

    • Is not prepared in any case in which child has reached age 5 unless prior authorization is received from Department of State.

  • FS-545 (Certification of Birth)

    • Is based on the information shown on the FS-240

    • Is given to the individual reporting the child's birth

    • Does not contain as much identifying information as FS-240, but is evidence that child's birth has been registered at the post

    • Is considered by the Department of State as evidence of age and U.S. citizenship.

See GN 00308.235 for instructions on how to request these records.

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