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GN 00302.545 Parents' Affidavits

A. Policy

Parent's affidavits made many years ago but not used as a basis for a DBC may also be given high probative value.

B. Evaluating an affidavit

In evaluating such an affidavit, consider the following questions:

  • When was the affidavit made?

  • Who has had custody of it over the years?

  • Why was the affidavit made?

  • Judging by the handwriting and general appearance, does the affidavit appear to have been made at the time purported?

  • Are there any other pertinent facts or observations relevant to a proper evaluation of the affidavit?

C. When date of recordation not shown

If the affidavit does not show the date of recordation, try to establish when the affidavit was made.

D. Example 1

An affidavit signed by a parent who died in 1947 would clearly establish that the affidavit was made in or before 1947.

E. Example 2

If a claimant states convincingly that the parent's affidavit was a prerequisite for his obtaining employment in a defense plant during World War II, this establishes the general time period when the affidavit was made.

F. Cross references

See GN 00302.585 for instructions concerning statements of other persons.

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