Basic (09-87)

GN 00302.610 Newspaper Records

A. Policy

Newspaper records are not substitutes for preferred evidence of age (i.e., public or religious records of birth or baptism) but are excellent secondary proofs because of recordation early in life.

B. Types

There are two types of newspaper records that show a person's age:

  • Birth Announcements

    • Regularly printed by many newspapers

    • Record is usually made very soon after child's birth

    • Normally shows child's name, date of birth, and parent's names.

  • Items about child's birthday party or celebration

    • Normally shows child's name, age, and parent's names.

C. Location

Newspaper records are frequently available on microfilm in newspaper offices or in libraries.

D. Evaluation

If possible, the DO will contact the custodian of the newspaper records to authenticate the clipping presented by the applicant. If these records are no longer available, careful analysis and evaluation of the claimant's newspaper clipping is necessary to ensure that it is genuine, unaltered, and made at the time purported.

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