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GN 00302.620 State Census Records

A. State census records as a valuable source

State census records, available in only a relatively few States, can be a valuable source of age evidence. However, requests for State census data should be made sparingly since we

  • Have little experience with these records, and

  • Have no agreements with State agencies for furnishing the census information.

B. When to request

Request State census information only if

  • A Federal census record has been secured and additional evidence is needed to resolve a material discrepancy in DB (see GN 00302.160ff.), or

  • A Federal census record and other evidence of acceptable probative value (see GN 00302.110ff) is not available.

C. States which have census data

Experience indicates that the State Bureaus of Vital Statistics, Bureaus of the Census, or historical/archives departments in the following States have census data available for the indicated (“X”) years:

  1905 1915 1925
Iowa X X
Kansas X X X
Minnesota X
New Jersey X X
New York X X X
Oregon X
Rhode Island X X
South Dakota X X X
Wisconsin X

    NOTE: These census records were generally recorded between March and June of the year indicated.

D. Procedures

IF the availability of a particular State's census records is... THEN...
Unknown Determine availability (fees, etc.) by phoning the FO parallel to the State agency involved.

Known and the records are available

  1. 1. 

    Ask the applicant (assisting as necessary) to

    • Prepare a letter to the involved State agency, including the same information as shown on the Form SSA-1535-U3 (Application for Search of Census Records for Proof of Age)

    • Sign the letter

    • Submit any required fee.

  2. 2. 

    Forward the letter and any required fee to the FO parallel to the State agency using a Form SSA-562-U3.


    NOTE: The Form SSA-1535-U3 cannot be used to request State census information; it is used only for requesting Federal census information. (See GN 00302.760 for an exhibit of Form SSA-1535-U3 and instructions for its completion.)

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