Basic (09-87)

GN 00302.820 Interim Correspondence from Bureau of the Census

A. Receipt of interim correspondence

Occasionally, the Bureau of the Census may have a question about whether a particular entry refers to the claimant because of a difference in name or other information. In such cases, it may write to the individual asking for additional information before issuing a transcript.

Copies of this interim correspondence will also be sent to the DO if the individual had authorized the Bureau to send the census information to the DO.

B. Claims leads

In some cases, the individual may request census information without the DO's knowledge and without authorizing the Bureau to send a copy to the DO. If the Bureau believes that the information is being requested for Social Security purposes, and additional identifying information is required to permit successful search, it will advise the individual to contact the nearest DO for assistance in completing the form.

This will sometimes

  • Serve as a claims lead, and

  • Enable SSA to provide greater assistance obtaining proof of age more quickly.

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