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GN 00302.830 Limitation on Number of Census Records

A. General

Except in vary rare, difficult cases, only one census record is needed. However, if the claimant presents or voluntarily pays for records of other census years, all such records must be considered and evaluated.

B. Rules

Except in extraordinary circumstances which must be explained in the claims file, SSA will pay for only one census record (see GN 00302.740). Follow these rules:

IF... THEN...
  • There is a census record in file showing the claimant to be under age 20, and

  • The claimant states that information was submitted to the Bureau of the Census that would have permitted a search for earlier records.

SSA will not pay for, nor require the claimant to purchase an additional census record.

A document is needed solely to meet the two document requirement (GN 00302.125).
An additional document is needed to support a DB shown on earlier and/or better evidence already in file.
An additional census record is needed to establish factors or eligibility other than age (e.g., relationship or U.S. citizenship). SSA will not pay for, or require the claimant to purchase, an additional census record.
NOTE:   Such circumstances will be rare.

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