GN 00904.058 Forwarding Claims Material To New Resident Office

A. Claimant changes address to new district

If the claimant indicates that he/she is moving to another service area in a few weeks, but is not sure of the date or address, give him/her an SSA-612-EV (Report of New Information in Disability Cases), or SSA-8150-EV (Reporting Events—SSI) addressed to the DO for completion upon moving. Retain the file until the effective date of the move, but do not postpone development of the claim. Transfer the claim the next working day after the effective date. Under no circumstances should the file or SSA-250 be transmitted to the new resident DO before the effective date of the change of address. The SSA-250 will not be transferred unless there is a pending claim being transferred.

When a principal claimant moves to another district, his/her new servicing office will immediately become the resident office. If the only remaining development is in the former district, that DO will retain the claim until adjudication is complete, including the preparation of the award form and transmittal to the processing center or adjudication and disposition of the SSI claim. See SI 02305.041 for instructions on transferring SSI redeterminations. See GN 00205.170 for instructions on transferring RSDI claims records to DIO.

B. Principal claimant moves without filing change of address himself/ herself

Information as to the move of a principal claimant to an address in a new district may be received from a reliable source other than a change of address form signed by the claimant (e.g., postmaster, institution, family member, etc.). Record the information and source, and transfer the file to the new resident office. Upon receipt of the file, the resident office has the responsibility to complete development and secure a change of address notice from the claimant (see SI 02305.092).

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