GN 00904.070 Requesting Lag Wages from Employers in Other Districts

A. Conditions Necessary for Direct Requests

You may request lag wages information directly from an employer outside your district if all of these conditions are met:

  1. 1. 

    You have the full name and mailing address of the employer,

  2. 2. 

    You have sufficient information to identify the employee, and

  3. 3. 

    You have not been notified previously that the employer request must be channeled through the servicing office.

B. Requests through servicing office

If all the conditions in A. are not met, use the request-for-assistance procedure in GN 00904.080 to obtain lag wages. See RS 01403.035-RS 01403.037 on preparing the SSA-7011 (Statement of Employer) and SSA-1002 (Statement of Agricultural Employer).

C. Followup procedure

If, after sending an SSA-7011 or SSA-1002 directly to an employer in another district, you do not receive a reply after a reasonable diary period, send a second request. If a further followup is necessary, send an SSA-562-U3 (Request for Assistance) to the servicing office for contact with the employer. Inform the servicing office that previous direct requests have gone unanswered and that telephone or personal contact is indicated. In the event the SSA-7011 or SSA-1002 is returned by the employer incomplete or requiring further clarification, send it to the servicing office with an SSA-562-U3 for further development with the employer. This procedure applies only to requests for lag wages. All other wage information (with the exception discussed in GN 00904.075) will be requested through the servicing office by SSA-562-U3.

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