GN 00904.080 Requests for DO Assistance - General

Sections GN 00904.080-GN 00904.120 contain instructions for securing program assistance from other DO's. Form SSA-562-U3 is the general all-purpose form for requesting assistance. See GN 00904.082 for exceptions to use of the SSA-562-U3. Assistance may also be requested by claims form, memorandum, wire message, or telephone under special circumstances. Wire or telephone requests are subject to regulations by the district manager.

Do not involve other DO's in unnecessary development actions. Do not ask another DO to obtain evidence or information which can reasonably be expected to be available locally unless you determine that reliance on the claimant or other local sources will be likely to prove inadequate. In developing proof of age, discuss possible sources with the claimant and place upon him/her the responsibility for prompt submission of available evidence. Do not simultaneously burden another DO with a request for duplicate evidence of the alleged date of birth. If the claimant in this case subsequently reports that the anticipated proof is not available, request out-of-district assistance as appropriate.

If in your judgment simultaneous development of a single issue is prudent, inform the assisting office of the circumstances. When evidence which has been requested from another district office is received from other sources, immediately cancel the request to the other DO by forwarding the second carbon of the SSA-562-U3 (Requesting Office's control copy)—marked “CANCEL.”

GN 00301.235 contains a discussion of requesting assistance when the claimant needs special help.

Do not use Form SSA-562-U3 for a report of contact.

NOTE: When appropriate, the request should contain the statement that the requirements of GN 00301.210A.3. are met and payment for the purchase of evidence is proper.

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