TN 13 (11-97)

GN 00904.202 Function of the office of international operations

A. Introduction

The Office of International Operations (OIO), within the Office of Disability and International Operations, coordinates foreign claims and related issues. OIO has processing center (PC), disability determination service and FO functions.

The Office of International Policy has program and policy responsibility for administering the Social Security program outside the U.S.

B. Policy

1. FO function

OIO is resident office if the address of the principal beneficiary or claimant:

  • is in a foreign country other than the British Virgin Islands, Canada, the Philippines, or Western Samoa; or

  • uses a foreign APO or FPO address (i.e., one which is not listed in the Telecommunications Routing Indicator Directory (TRID)).

OIO is servicing office for any beneficiary or claimant who resides, or uses an address, outside the U.S. other than in:

  • the British Virgin Islands,

  • Canada, or

  • Western Samoa.

2. PC function

OIO has PC jurisdiction if at least one beneficiary:

  • resides in a country to which the payment of benefits is barred (as shown in RS 02650.001 - RS 02650.020);

  • will be outside the U.S. for at least 6 months, even if the beneficiary uses a U.S. mailing address;

  • uses a foreign mailing address, including a foreign APO or FPO address;

  • resides in the U.S. and is entitled to totalization benefits; or

  • resides in the U.S., is not insured for RSDI benefits but has at least 6 U.S. quarters of coverage, and his/her claim for totalization benefits has been denied.

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