TN 8 (07-93)

GN 00905.650 U.S. Possessions

A. Introduction

There are no FSPs in U.S. possessions. They are administered by either the Department of the Interior, the Department of the Navy, the Federal Aviation Agency or the U.S. Weather Bureau.

The U.S. possessions are:

  • American Samoa (including Swains Island),

  • Baker Island,

  • Guam,

  • Howland Island,

  • Jarvis Island,

  • Johnson Island (including Sand Island),

  • Kingman Reef,

  • Midway Islands

  • Navassa,

  • U.S. Virgin Islands, and

  • Wake (including Walker and Peale).

The Federally-appointed district administrators or governors of these areas are required by their positions to assist other Federal agencies as the need arises. They are empowered to attest to the authenticity and reliability of proofs originating within their jurisdiction.

B. Policy

FOs service American Samoa, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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