TN 7 (03-90)

GN 00905.600 Initial Claims and Inquiries from Persons in Countries to Which Payment Is Barred

A. Background

Treasury Circular 655 prohibits the delivery of Social Security checks to individuals in certain countries (see RS 02650.000).

B. Policy

Make the same effort to protect filing dates for residents of countries to which payment is barred as for any other country.

However, because payment to these individuals is precluded by Treasury Circular 655, do not make extensive efforts to determine entitlement to benefits.

C. Procedure

1. Inquiry can establish a filing date

Ascertain whether insured status exists.

  1. a. 

    Insured Status Exists

    Send the applicant the appropriate application forms, including an SSA-21 (Supplement to Claim of Person Outside the United States). See D.1. for the letter used to transmit the applications. Make any needed revisions to fit the circumstances of the case.


    Diary the case for 60 days.


    Send a 6-month notice per GN 00204.012, if the application is not completed and returned by the expiration of the diary period.


    When, and if, the application is completed and returned:

    • Acknowledge receipt with a letter similar to D.2., and

    • List the case under Code 200. (CDB prepares this listing.)

  2. b. 

    No Insured Status

    Send a letter of no eligibility as explained in GN 00204.012.

    If the inquirer insists on filing a formal application for benefits, send him the proper application form. When the completed application is returned, process it to a formal disallowance.

2. Inquiry does not establish a filing date

Handle as any other inquiry except include information about the nonpayment of benefits to persons in that country.

D. Exhibits

1. Reply to inquiry eligibility to benefits

This is in response to your letter about your eligibility for Social Security benefits. Before your eligibility can be determined, you must file a formal application for benefits. The forms are enclosed. If you wish to file, you should complete these forms and return them to this office.

We must tell you, though, that as long as you live in (country) , it is unlikely that the Social Security Administration will be able to pay any benefits to you. The Social Security Act provides that persons who are not citizens of the United States are not eligible for payment for any month in which they live in (country) or certain other countries. Even if this provision does not apply to you, the regulations of the United States Treasury will not permit us to send payments to you. These regulations prohibit the mailing of United States Government checks to (country) or to an address in another country on behalf of someone in (country) .


If you decide to file an application for benefits, no decision will be made on your claim until there is a change in the circumstances mentioned above.

2. Acknowledgment of application

We have received your application for benefits under the United States Social Security Act. As we explained in our letter of (date), we are presently unable to make a decision on your claim.

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