TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.055 Determining Processing Center Jurisdiction

In determining the processing center jurisdiction of a claim file ready for forwarding, the FO will follow the list of factors which are set out below in descending order of priority.

A. Beneficiary is living abroad

If at least one claimant or beneficiary resides in a country to which payment of benefits is barred by the Treasury Department restrictions described in RS 02650.001B., INTPSC has jurisdiction of the claim, regardless of SSN, mailing address, or whether the claim is disability or nondisability.

If the above does not apply, the INTPSC has processing center jurisdiction in all instances where:

  1. 1. 

    At least one beneficiary entitled on an E/R will be outside the U.S. for more than 6 months, even though a U.S. mailing address is being used; or

  2. 2. 

    At least one beneficiary entitled on an E/R is using a foreign mailing address. A foreign address includes some APO or FPO number addresses.

B. Claims involving a disability determination

If GN 01050.055A. does not apply, claims which require a disability determination (including claims for a freeze only) are routed from the FO to either a State agency or ODO (DI 11010.255, DI 11020.000 and DI 11025.000) regardless of SSN. After the disability determination, where GN 01050.055A. does not apply, ODO maintains jurisdiction of DIB and DIB auxiliary claims, while the servicing processing centers maintain jurisdiction of CDB and DWB claims, except where the NH is entitled to DIB or the CDB is also entitled to DIB.

Note: The above does not apply for age 54 DIB claims for which the PSCs now have jurisdiction. See GN 01050.110.

For a description of the cases that go to the DDS, see DI 11010.255. For a list of cases that go to ODO, see DI 11010.355. Cases that go to the INTPSC are listed in DI 11010.350.

For railroad involvement see RS 01602.005.

C. Claimant's mailing address in puerto rico, virgin islands, or alaska, hawaii, guam, american samoa

Claims bearing SSN's within a servicing PSC's jurisdiction will be handled by that PSC. Therefore, if GN 01050.055A. does not apply, all PSC's will handle both Puerto Rican and Pacific claims based on the first three digits (area code) of the SSN serviced by them.

D. Subsequent claims

Those meeting the criteria in GN 01050.055A. should be sent to INTPSC even if the prior claim is serviced by another PSC.

E. Totalization claims

All claims for totalization benefits are under INTPSC's jurisdiction (see GN 01702.310).

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