TN 1 (06-86)

GN 01050.165 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of DIB and Freeze Claims

A. General

Since claims folders are filed in numerical order by SSN in ODO and the PSC's and in alphabetical order by name in the DDS, both the NH's name and SSN will be required on each DIB or freeze folder. Make the entries with a black ink “Flo-Master” pen, paying particular attention to legibility and correctness.


Enter the NH's social security number on the face of the folder tab; take the active SSN from the SSA-794-C1 if available.

To make the SSN entry large enough to permit easy identification in ODO and the PSC, leave a margin of approximately one inch between the end digits and edges of the tab. Do not change the SSN on a prior claims folder. (If a prior claims folder bears an SSN which is different from the SSN shown in block 1 of the current SSA-794-C1, prepare a new folder jacket for the current claim and staple the current claims file to front cover of the prior claims file.)

2. NH's NAME

Print the surname and first initial on the reverse of the folder tab with the surname first. This will permit the DDS to file the folder alphabetically by reversing the folder so that the name entry faces the front of the filing cabinet.


No current date of entry is necessary. If a denied individual files a subsequent application, cross out any previous date of entry on the folder.

B. Flagging of Delayed Disability Cases

Use of Form SSA-441 to Identify Delayed Cases

Attach a Form SSA-441 to any initial disability claim still pending 70 days after the application was filed or deferred medical development is begun. When a claim is returned to the DO from a DDS or ODO, attach an SSA-441 to any unflagged case which has been delayed more than 70 days. Affix the SSA-441 to the upper edge of the front face of the folder opposite the SSN entry as shown in GN 01050.165 C.

NOTE: Your region may require that you flag cases earlier than 70 days.

C. Exhibit of DIB Folder

NH's A/N

   BROWN, J.

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GN 01050.165 - Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of DIB and Freeze Claims - 12/22/1989
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