TN 15 (08-05)

GN 02403.090 Verifying Receipt of SSA-1395-BKs in FO

A. Process - Verifying SSA-1395-BKs

Whenever possible, the Remittance Supervisor will sign for SSA-1395-BK Receipt Books received in the FO. The Remittance Supervisor will always review, verify (see GN 02403.090B. for review and verification procedures) and control the shipment immediately upon delivery.


NOTE: If the Remittance Supervisor is not available to verify the shipment, another member of the office management staff or the Officer in Charge may complete the review and verification actions.

B. Procedure - Verifying SSA-1395-BKs

Use the following instructions to review and verify receipt books received in the FO:

  1. 1. 

    Is the warehouse packing slip present? (The packing slip contains the Item Control Number, the name of the item and the quantity ordered)

    • If yes, go to GN 02403.090B.2.

    • If no, contact the Center for Supply Management, Customer Service Technician at (410) 966-4680 or (410) 965-1393 to verify the book order if there is any question as to why your office received the book. The shipping label on the outside of the shipping box contains the To and From address information and a Shipping Number. This Shipping Number is the same number that is given to the person who ordered the book and can be used to verify the order by Supply Management.

    • The book can still be used if the packing slip is missing if the book is otherwise complete.

  2. 2. 

    Compare the serial number(s) that appears on the label on the outside of the book(s) with the serial number(s) in the book(s). Go to GN 02403.090B.3

  3. 3. 

    Do numbers match?

    • If yes, follow instructions in GN 02403.095 to complete the Master Control Roster (MCR), Form SSA-3944.

    • If no, the books can still be used but annotate the MCR of the discrepancy and prepare a memorandum reporting the discrepancy. Address it to:

    Social Security Administration
    Office of Publications and Logistics Management

    Center for Supply Management
    Attn: Inventory Management Specialist
    6401 Security Boulevard
    Baltimore, Maryland 21235-6401

This memorandum will alert Supply Management of a possible manufacturing/printing error that must be corrected. A random sample of books in the warehouse will be done to determine the extent of the errors and the printer will be contacted by Supply Management. NOTE: The packing slip ( or outside label on the book), the MCR and the Receipt Book Log (see GN 02403.105) must be retained until all SSA-1395-BK receipt books listed on the form have been destroyed. (See GN 02403.095 for Federal Records Center (FRC) destruction information.)

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