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GN 03913.005 Registration for Access to Electronic Services, Direct Payment, and Annual Tax Statements

A. Overview

We use two forms to collect the basic information we need for granting eligible representatives access to our electronic services, to enroll representatives for direct fee payments, and to issue annual tax statements (Forms IRS 1099-MISC and 1099-NEC):

1. Form SSA-1699 (Registration for Appointed Representative Services and Direct Payment)

We use the SSA-1699 to collect a representative’s personal, business, and financial information in order to:

  • Establish the representative's identity in our systems;

  • Establish business affiliations (if any);

  • Issue authentication credentials for systems access (RepIDs and UserIDs);

  • Register representatives for direct payment of fees; and

  • Authorize access to Electronic Records Express and the electronic folder for cases at or above the hearing level.

We store this information in the Registration, Appointment, and Services for Representatives (RASR) application, and refer to it whenever a claimant appoints the representative to a claim, matter, or issue, or the representative requests direct payment of a fee.

See GN 03913.012 for instructions on processing Form SSA-1699.

2. Form SSA-1696 (Claimant’s Appointment of a Representative)

A claimant must appoint a representative in writing and may use the SSA-1696 or any other writing to do so.

A registered representative must complete and submit Section 5 of the SSA-1696, or any other writing containing the same information, to receive direct payment. Section 5 of the SSA-1696 replaces the Form SSA-1695, which is now obsolete. See GN 03913.001D regarding acceptance of obsolete forms.

Use of the SSA-1696 is not mandatory for appointments. We will accept any writing containing the basic information outlined in GN 03910.040D.2 to process the representative’s appointment in RASR and other downstream systems. See GN 03913.040 for instructions on processing the SSA-1696 for direct fee payment.

B. Registration for direct payment of fees only

Registration for direct fee payment is a one-time process. A representative registers for direct fee payment by completing an SSA-1699 and faxing it to the Office of Earnings and International Operations (OEIO) at 1-877-268-3827. A representative may complete the SSA-1699 using the fillable version here, or print the blank form and complete it by hand.

If a representative has questions or encounters problems during the registration process, he or she may contact the Office of Central Operations Employer Reporting Branch (OCO/ERB) at 1-800-772-6270 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778).

See GN 03913.010 for information on changing or updating representative registration.

C. Registration for access to electronic services

A representative who wants to access our electronic services must have at least one case pending at the hearing or Appeals Council level, and must follow the process below—even if he or she has already registered for direct payment. An eligible representative who has not yet registered for direct payment may do so concurrently with registration for electronic services.

IMPORTANT: We may suspend the in-person registration requirement in the event of an emergency. We will post any revisions to the registration process on our public Appointed Representative web site at

To gain access to our electronic services, a representative must:

  • Contact his or her local hearing office and request an invitation to enroll. The hearing office will send an invitation notice and specially marked Form SSA-1699 with an E-folder enrollment code by postal mail. Click here for our Hearing Office Locator.

  • Complete, sign, and fax the Form SSA-1699 to OCO/ERB at 1-877-268-3827. Once we process the Form SSA-1699, we will mail the representative a UserID (if the representative is not already registered for direct payment) and RepID.

  • Contact the local hearing office upon receipt of a UserID and RepID to arrange a date, time, and location to complete the in-person enrollment.

  • Attend the scheduled in-person enrollment and bring the invitation notice, a valid government-issued photo ID, and a mobile phone with text message capability. During enrollment, we will send a password via text message to the mobile phone number the representative provides to us.

NOTE: A representative who loses a UserID or password, or is locked out of his or her account, may contact OCO/ERB for assistance at 1-800-772-6270 (TTY: 1-800-325-0778).

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