TN 15 (08-11)

RS 00203.055 Number of Claimants Filing

A. Procedure when maximum benefit provisions apply

Encourage all members of the family group to file an application when the maximum benefit provisions apply. See information on numbers of claimants filing in RS 00203.055 in this section and information on child entitled on two or more ERs in RS 00203.060.

In some instances, it may be disadvantageous for all members to file because of the rounding-down provision. For a discussion on how to inform a claimant of the advantages and disadvantages of filing a formal application, see GN 00201.005C.

B. Procedure when maximum benefit provisions do not apply

In some instances, the family group may get a smaller total benefit if all the children file applications. Consider the withdrawal-after-adjudication procedure to correct undesirable filing of applicants. For information on when to discuss withdrawal, see GN 00206.001.

Follow these procedures:

  • Explain that filing of a survivor application by certain children may cause loss to the family.

  • Document the file with the explanation given.

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