TN 41 (11-23)

RS 00207.008 Field Office (FO) Processing of Disabled Widow(er)'s Claims-Prior Entitlement Involved

A. Policy

A claimant for disabled widow(er)'s benefits (DWB) who was previously entitled to a benefit on the number holder’s (NH's) earnings record (ER) must file:

  • SSA-10-BK (or valid application);

  • i3368;

  • a paper SSA-3368-BK ;

  • proof of age (unless previously submitted or an exception applies. See GN 00302.030 for policy); and

  • proof of marriage, if the prior entitlement was for the Lump Sum Death Payment (LSDP) only.

B. Procedure - general

The Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) does not support cases that involve multiple periods of entitlement. See DI 81010.030 for processing instructions.

The field office (FO) will:

  • Treat as an initial claim if the only other claim was for the LSDP;

  • Verify either the date of death or date prior benefits terminated and include verification of the later of these dates in the electronic folder (EF) or paper file before it is transmitted to Disability Determination Services (DDS). See DI 11015.015 if the DWB is age 50-60;

  • Establish the prescribed period for DWB benefits (see DI 11005.050).

C. Procedure - verification

For a complete overview of DWB verification instructions, see DI 11015.000.

1. Date of death

See DI 11015.015B if claimant is age 50-60. (NOTE: To determine when a Numident is acceptable, see GN 00304.100.)

If no proof of death is located in SSA's records, obtain the evidence by certifying the public record or by other established procedures.

2. Date prior benefits terminated

See DI 11015.015C for processing instructions if claimant is age 50-60.

If the information is still not available on SSA systems, follow procedures to verify the termination date. Transfer the case via the Modernized Claims System (MCS). Follow instructions in DI 81010.030 when EDCS is not acceptable.

After all FO actions and inputs are completed, transfer the case to the DDS directly from EDCS using the EDCS Routing Form.

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