TN 7 (12-23)

RS 01310.015 Personal Services


Personal services are services performed for a child other than routine household services which are normally performed for any member of the household. Also, if the claimant's presence is required by the nature of the child's disability, e.g., epilepsy, the claimant is considered to be performing personal services for the child.


Examples of personal services are:

  • nursing care;

  • feeding or dressing a child whose disability prevents the child from performing these functions satisfactorily;

  • directing or supervising the activities of a physically disabled child who is unable to manage funds or is able to do so only with considerable help and guidance.


The claimant does not have to do all the things mentioned in RS 01310.015A. if they perform any one of them regularly (not necessarily daily). Personal services may be performed solely by the claimant, or jointly with the claimant's spouse or another in the household.

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