TN 19 (04-09)

RS 01403.055 Pay Envelopes, Vouchers, Pay Checks, Tax Receipts, or Wage Statements

A. Policy

This type of evidence includes pay envelopes, vouchers, pay checks, tax receipts or wage statements which are not end-of-year pay statements. The pay vouchers may contain wage information for a pay period or total year to date earnings but the statement is not the final pay statement of the calendar year.

1. Evidence content

This type of evidence must contain the following information:

  • names or other identification of the employer such as EIN, name, address, etc., and

  • sufficient identifying information for the employee to whom the statement pertains,

  • amount of wages (tips) paid, and

  • dates of employment or the period for which the pay stub, statement pertains.

Many employers may not provide the employee’s complete nine digit social security number due to privacy concerns. The evidence is sufficient if “x” or similar entry is shown for all or part of the employee’s SSN as long as sufficient information is provided on the statement, such as, the employee’s, name address, and personal identification number, to clearly establish the wage information belongs to the NH.

2. Additional statement

If the pay envelope, voucher, etc., does not clearly establish the identity of the employee or employer, or there is a question concerning the wage information provided on the statement, contact the employer or authorized employer representative to verify the validity of the statement. Contact the employer (or authorized representative) via mail or phone to obtain the addition information or verify the validity of the wage information. Document the information provided on a Report of Contact screen (RPOC) or in the Item Correction Earnings Modernization System, on the Report of Contact Screen (EROC).

B. References

  • RS 01404.018 - Evidence of Lag Wages

  • RS 01404.180 - Employer-Prepared Wage Statement as Evidence of Prelag Wages

  • MSOM EM 017.006 - Report of Contact (EROC)

  • MSOM MCS 008.007 - Report of Contact (RPOC)

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