TN 13 (07-90)

RS 01403.056 Records of Labor Unions - Wage Evidence


Because of the variance in the value of union records, obtain the following additional information to evaluate this type of evidence:

  • name and title of the union official giving the information, as well as the full name of the union and the number of the local;

  • sources of figures/amounts shown in the records, i.e., whether reported by the employer, the shop steward, or the employee;

  • intervals at which reports are made, i.e., whether daily, weekly, monthly, or by job total;

  • breakdown by years (or quarterly if quarterly information is needed) of amounts shown by union records;

  • whether amounts shown are employee's total wages (tips) or dues he/she paid;

  • if dues, whether they were fixed or based on amount of wages (tips) and if assessments not related to wages (tips) were included;

  • if wages (tips), whether they were computed by using the prevailing union rate of pay, when the employment occurred (i.e., dates), and whether any deductions were made for days of nonpay status during the employment period.


RS 01403.053, Evaluating Secondary Evidence

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