TN 24 (09-22)

RS 02101.860 Electronic Processing and Document Retention

Post development of employer-employee relationship determinations

Upon development of employer-employee relationship determinations, field offices should take the following actions to complete the case:

  • Maintain copies of the worker’s and employer’s statements or other relevant documentation that support the determination in the:

    1. 1. 

      Certified Electronic Record (CEF);

    2. 2. 

      Non-Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents (NDRED) using the Evidence Portal (EP); (See Application Overview for EP in MS 09700.000 and Related Business Process Information in GN 00301.328); and

    3. 3. 

      eView or the Paperless Folder for Program Service Center (PSC) and Office of Central Operations (OCO) employees.

      NOTE: If the case involves more than one employee, follow instructions in RS 01404.160 and RS 01405.047.

  • Correct the earnings record via the Earnings Modernization Item Correction (ICOR) system, as appropriate. (For earnings record correction, see RS 01405.001 and for earnings modernization see MSOM EM 001.001 through MSOM EM 068.003).

  • Document the evidence and the basis for the determination in the appropriate ICOR screen.

  • Recalculate Primary Insurance Amounts (PIAs) and Monthly Benefit Amounts (MBAs) as necessary. Prepare an amended award on an EF101, in claims cases where the earnings decision results in an increase of benefits payable.

    NOTE: There may be situations where a decrease in the PIA or insured status is an issue. You may change the benefits via the Postentitlement Online System (POS) unless administrative finality rules apply. For the rules on administrative finality, see GN 04000.000.

  • Annotate a special message on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR) regarding the issue if an amended award is not appropriate due to the inability to correct the benefit amount under administrative finality rules. (For the Electronic Form 101 Process, see MSOM T2PE 009.)

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