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DI 11010.370 Field Offices (FO) Retaining and Shipping Paper Modular Disability Folders (MDF)

This section provides field office (FO) instructions for retaining and shipping paper modular disability folders (MDF).

NOTE: If a case is a certified electronic folder (CEF), fax the material into the electronic folder.

A. Retaining paper folders in the FO

1. Title II

Retain Title II only denial cases in the FO for six months from the date of the denial notice, unless the claimant requests reconsideration or other claims activity requires folder movement (e.g., the claimant files a new disability application).

EXCEPTION: Do not hold cases for the 6-month retention period involving family maximum disabled widow(er) benefits (DWB) or childhood disability benefits (CDB) where the denied claim affects the payment of family benefits on a number holder’s SSN and there is a delay in paying the claimant’s benefits. Retain the folder for 60 days (appeal period). If claimant does not appeal the denial, send folder to the appropriate program service center (PSC) for processing of the benefit adjustments.

2. Title XVI

Retain Title XVI only claim folders in the FO until the claimant files an appeal or the Supplemental Security Income Control System (SSICS) requests the folder for shipment to the SSA National Records Center (SSANRC).

B. Shipping paper folders to the SSANRC

See DI 11010.370C in this section for detailed instructions on:

  • what type of boxes are appropriate for shipping folders, and

  • how to prepare the United Parcel Service (UPS) label.


  • Do not ship any folders on the Title II 6-month denial or the SSI online folder shipment lists to the Federal Records Center (FRC).

  • Do not complete the SF-135 (Records Transmittal and Receipt).

  • Ensure the SSN is displayed on the folder tab. Do not ship a folder that does not have the SSN clearly labeled.

  • Separate TII and TXVI folders before packing. TII folders must be in a separate box from Title XVI folders.

  • Keep an office log of folders shipped with the corresponding tracking number for tracking purposes and PII loss, if necessary.

1. Title II and Medicare for Qualified Government Employment (MQGE) cases

  • Retrieve the list of Title II 6-month denial cases each month using the Title II Six Month Denials utility. The list displays the claimant's name, social security number (SSN), date of denial, and PSC of jurisdiction or

  • For office closures, consolidations, or major office renovations you can ship Title II folders to the SSANRC at any time. If you expect to ship over 100 boxes, contact SSANRC prior to shipping and,

  • The SSN must be clearly written on the folder tab,

  • Only ship folders with an established Master Beneficiary Record (MBR),

  • Send Title II folders via UPS to:

    SSA National Records Center
    601 South 291 Highway
    6002 East Geospace Drive
    Independence, MO 64056

    SSANRC telephone number:

2. Title XVI only cases

  • Review all SSI folders against the Master Destruction List located on the SSI Online Folder Shipment Lists site.

  • Do not ship Title XVI folders listed on the Master Destruction List. Instead, destroy all folders eligible for destruction and annotate as such.

  • Do not ship folders to the SSANRC that the field office needs within 90 days.

  • For the SSI folders that can be shipped, ensure the folders have a supplemental security income display (SSID) with a case control (CCTL) data line for the Filed Under Number (FUN). Lack of a SSID and CCTL line prevents the recall or destruction of the folder. Make the necessary inputs to create the SSID if one is not established.

  • Send Title XVI folders via UPS to:

    SSA National Records Center
    601 South 291 Highway
    6016 East Geospace Drive
    Independence, MO 64056

    SSANRC telephone number:

  • The SSANRC updates the Current File Location (CFL) to L0E upon receipt of the folder.

Note: Title XVI folders can be shipped to the SSANRC regardless of whether they appear on an Inactivation List.

Prior to folder shipment:

  • Determine if you can discard the post-entitlement (PE) material or fax it into the electronic folder. Do not send PE materials to the SSANRC.

  • Properly purge unnecessary material from the folder. The size of the folders shipped to the SSANRC affects shipping costs and the volume of folders the facility can store.


  • SM 01201.115How to Prepare an SSI Claim for Shipment to the Social Security Administration National Records Center (SSANRC)

  • SM 01201.150SSI Quarterly Folder Referral Process

  • SM 01201.800 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Quarterly Folder Inactivation Process

  • SSI Folder Destruction Process

  • Automatic Selection Criteria for SSI Folder Destruction

3. Concurrent Title II/Title XVI cases

a. Separate concurrent initial Title II/Title XVI folders

For concurrent initial Title II/Title XVI folders, you must separate the folders and:

  • Include a copy of the form SSA-831-U5 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) for each title in the Title II and Title XVI folders; and

  • Send the folders separately according to the instructions in DI 11010.370B.1and DI this section.

b. Disposition of common disability material

When splitting concurrent Title II and Title XVI cases, dispose common disability materials as follows:

  • If both Title II and Title XVI are allowances or denials, file common material to both claims in the Title II folder.

  • If one claim is an allowance and the other is a denial, file common disability material in the allowance folder.

  • If the claimant files an appeal on both claims, keep all material in the Title II folder, except where there is a Medicare entitlement issue. A Medicare entitlement appeal must be separately prepared and forwarded to the appropriate Department of Health and Human Services Office of Medicare Hearings and Appeals (OMHA), see GN 03108.200D.

  • If the claimant files an appeal on one claim only, place the common disability material in the folder for the appealed claim.

  • Do not recall folders for the sole purpose of changing the folder location of common disability material when PE actions change the pay status of either claim.

C. Folder shipping instructions

Follow the instructions below for shipping folders for storage:

1. Preparing the UPS label

Complete the label fields as follows:

  • “Company” or “Name”: SSA National Records Center;

  • “Attention” :only when instructed for special shipping. Otherwise, leave blank;

  • Address 1 line : “601 South 291 Highway”;

  • Address 2 line: “6002 East Geospace (Title II)” or “6016 East Geospace (Title XVI)”;

  • City, state, and postal code entries: “Independence, MO 64056”; and

  • “Telephone”: SSANRC phone number: 888-281-2999.

2. Appropriate boxes for folder shipping

  • Using standard white shipping boxes for folder shipment is an option, not a requirement. However, when choosing a box for folder shipment, you must use the smallest shipping boxes possible and the boxes must be durable. For smaller shipments, consider using fiber envelopes from UPS for no extra charge.

  • You may use the purchase card to order special-use boxes for storing and shipping folders from GSA Advantage. The National Stock Number (NSN) is 8115-00-117-8249. Be sure to check with management before ordering boxes.

  • For additional information regarding packaging and labeling instructions, refer to the SSANRC website.

NOTE: Improper shipping boxes, including those with excess space, can crush or open and create a potential loss of personally identifiable information (PII).

3. Folder shipping methods

a. UPS ground shipping

For shipments going to the SSANRC weighing 13 ounces or more, use UPS ground shipping.

b. UPS 2 to 3 day service

For shipments going to another office weighing 13 ounces or more, use the UPS 2 to 3-day service.

When shipping PII, use UPS provided packaging for the following shipments:

  • Next Day;

  • Second Day; and

  • International.

c. United States Postal Service (USPS)

  • For shipments going to the SSANRC weighing less than 13 ounces, use USPS.

  • For shipments going to another office weighing less than 13 ounces, use USPS.

In addition, send all shipments to Post Office Boxes, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Territory locations via USPS Priority Mail.


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