Basic (03-86)

DI 11010.510 Evidence in Claimant's Possession

Where a claimant possesses evidence or information relating to the disabling condition (e.g., a letter or statement from a physician, employer, insurance company, or welfare agency), it should be accepted, photocopied (where the claimant insists on keeping the original), and made a part of the disability file. Although such evidence may not contain the clinical findings or specific information needed for a disability determination, it may help establish a proper onset date or suggest sources that can furnish medical reports. Submitting this evidence, however, does not relieve the claimant of the responsibility for assisting the FO, the DDS, or ODO in developing additional evidence.


A former serviceman who has been discharged on the basis of a disability may have a complete transcript of the disability discharge proceedings. Encourage the claimant to submit this evidence.

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