TN 2 (03-19)

DI 81001.020 Paper Folder Indicators (PFIs)

There are two types of Paper Folder Indicators:

  • Paper folder indicator (PFI) - indicates whether an modular disability folder (MDF) is associated with the current filing, and

  • Prior paper folder indicator (PPFI) - indicates whether an MDF exists for a prior paper filing.

All case processing components must ensure that PFIs are accurate. PFIs inform processing components if:

  • The official folder for a case is a paper MDF or a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF); and

  • The receiving component needs to wait for the MDF for the current filing or a prior filing.

    It is extremely important that the PFIs are set correctly. Improper PFIs delay case processing. A receiving office cannot begin development until it receives the paper for non-CEF cases. The receiving office may reject a case if the paper case is not received within a predetermined period (usually 30 days).

    An improper PFI could also result in missed cases. If the indicators are not accurate, the DDS will not know to look for a paper folder.

    For Field Office procedures on establishing the PFI in initial classification cases see DI 81010.085 and DI 81010.240 for electronic continuing disability review (CDR) classification cases.

    For Disability Determination Services instructions to change a PFI see DI 81020.010 for initial classification cases and DI 81020.205 for CDR cases.

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