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SI 00605.015 Completing Part 2 Living Arrangement of the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSA-8001-BK)

A. Procedure for completing Part 2

Follow the procedure in this section when completing Part 2 of the SSA-8001-BK. The living arrangement screens for applications taken in MSSICS are located in MSOM chapters MSOM MSSICS 010.004 through MSOM MSSICS 020.022.

1. Consider temporary absence

Consider whether the current living arrangement or the residence is a temporary absence from the permanent living arrangement. If the living arrangement is a temporary absence on the date the claimant files the application, record the address and type of permanent living arrangement in the “Remarks” section. For information on residence in an institution, see SI 00520.001. For information on temporary absences, see SI 00835.040 through SI 00835.043.

2. Document state supplement

When the living arrangement is material to eligibility and relevant to the appropriate optional state supplement, document living arrangement information in the “Remarks” section. To resolve an unclear state of residence, see SI 01410.001 through SI 01410.050.

B. Questions 23 through 25

1. Question 23 Claimant’s Residence Address

a. When to complete

Complete when:

  • the claimant is applying for themselves and they do not reside at their mailing address, or

  • someone is filing on claimant’s behalf.

The residence address (LRES) screen collects this information for MSSICS applications. For instruction for the LRES screen, see MSOM MSSICS 010.002.

b. How to complete

Enter the full address if different from question 19.

Enter “same” if someone is filing on claimant’s behalf and the claimant's residence address is the same as the applicant's mailing address.

Enter a telephone number where we may reach the claimant during the day. If the claimant, spouse, or applicant have different telephone numbers, enter the respective numbers in the “Remarks” section.

c. Temporary residence

If the claimant is temporarily residing somewhere other than their permanent residence (e.g., a hospital, or a relative's home), show the dates they went into the residence and the date they expect to leave in the “Remarks” section.

2. Question 24 Where living

Mark the appropriate block in 24(a) and enter the date the claimant began living at the current residence in 24(b).

a. Claimant is transient

If the claimant is a transient or homeless, explain the situation in the “Remarks” section. For the definition of transient, see SI 00835.060.

REMINDER: If the claimant is homeless, you should not use deferred development. Unless the claim is an abbreviated application process (ABAP), take a full application for a transient or homeless claimant.

b. Claimant is in noninstitutional care

If the claimant is in noninstitutional care, record the name of the facility and the name, address and telephone number of the placing agency in the “Remarks” section. For information on noninstitutional care, see SI 00835.790.

3. Question 25 With whom living

Mark the appropriate block for all claimants except transients and those living in institutions or noninstitutional care:

  • “Children” refers to claimants meeting the definition of child in SI 00501.010.

  • “Parents” refers to natural, adoptive, and stepparents of a child claimant. For parent-to-child deeming concept, see SI 01310.145.

  • “Other People” means anyone other than “spouse”, “parents,” “children,” or “essential persons.” For the definition of essential person, see SI 00501.100B.2.

Record information about children living in the household in the “Remarks” section when deeming applies and this information is relevant to eligibility (e.g., date of birth, student status and income).

NOTE: If the claimant lives only with an essential person, explain in the “Remarks” section.

REMINDER: To document allegations of loans of inside in-kind support and maintenance (ISM) in the “Remarks” section, follow procedures in SI 00835.482.

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