TN 95 (09-04)

SI 00830.450 Educational Assistance - General

A. Introduction

Educational assistance is provided in many forms. For SSI purposes, treatment will vary depending on the nature and sometimes the use of the assistance. Educational assistance may be earned or unearned income and may be counted or excluded. See SI 00830.450B. for a guide to specific educational assistance instructions and related sections.

B. References

1. Specific Instructions

The following sections address specific types of educational assistance:

Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Gifts

SI 00830.455 (Income)

SI 01130.455 (Resources)

Assistance Under Title IV of the Higher Education Act (HEA) of 1965 or Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA)

SI 00830.455B (Income)

SI 01130.455B (Resources)

VA Educational Benefits

SI 00830.306

Educational Payments Under AmeriCorps and the National Civilian Community Corps

SI 00830.537

2. Related Instructions

The following sections contain related instructions:

Student Child Earned Income Exclusion

SI 00820.510

Plan for Achieving Self-Support

SI 00870.001

Presumed Maximum Value

SI 00835.300

Proceeds of a Loan

SI 00815.350

Earned Income

SI 00820.001

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