TN 8 (08-08)

SI 01310.030 Reporting Events in Deeming Cases

A. Policy for who is required to report

All reporting events (except those with respect to disability or blindness) that affect the status of SSI eligible individuals are also pertinent to:

  • ineligible spouses;

  • parents;

  • stepparents;

  • essential persons;

  • sponsors of aliens and the sponsor's living-with spouse;

  • ineligible children; and

  • eligible aliens.

B. Procedure on instructing individuals to report

Instruct the individual applying for or receiving SSI benefits (or the individual acting on behalf of the claimant/recipient) to report for himself/herself, and any of those listed in SI 01310.030A., any changes involving:

  • address;

  • any additions to or deletions from the household by means of birth, death, or adoption;

  • marital status (including marriage, divorce, separation, and resumption of living together after a separation or divorce);

  • attainment of age 18 by an eligible or ineligible child;

  • attainment of age 22 by an eligible or ineligible student child,

  • student status of an eligible or ineligible child under age 22,

  • income (e.g., Title II benefits and child support from an absent parent);

  • resources of ineligible spouses, parents, essential persons, sponsors of aliens and their living-with spouses; and blind work expenses (SI 01320.170); or

  • impairment related work expenses (SI 01320.190).

    NOTE: Attainment of age 21 by an ineligible student child or a change in student status for an ineligible child under age 21 were reportable events prior to June 16, 2008. The age for reporting is now age 22.

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