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SI 02309.007 Detecting Entitlement to Title II Spouse’s Benefits – KP Diary

A. Introduction

The system sets a KP diary at the beginning of a fiscal year when one member of an eligible couple attains age 62 to 64 in the fiscal year and does not receive title II benefits, but the other member of the couple does receive title II benefits. The diary is set in the month before the month of age attainment. Both members of the couple must be in current pay status (C01).

The KP selection looks for continuing title II benefits received by one member of a couple. The selection is not restricted to title II income with a beneficiary identification code (BIC) of “A”, which designates title II income based on the person’s own work record. The primary purpose of the KP diary is to detect entitlement to title II spouse’s benefits. However, the KP has a secondary purpose. If a person is receiving title II benefits on someone else’s work record and has a spouse for SSI purposes, the KP diary may identify a change in marital status that indicates that the title II benefits should be stopped. For example, one member of the couple is receiving widow’s/widowers’ benefits, child disability benefits, or spouse’s benefits, and should not be.

Systems criteria for this selection are shown in SM 01501.250B.

NOTE: A KP diary does not establish protective filing for title II benefits.

B. Procedure

  1. 1. 

    If there is no entitlement to spouse’s benefits (e.g., because the person is not a “spouse” for title II purposes), clear the diary as explained in SM 01501.250B. If you found that the recipient did not meet entitlement requirements in a prior year, you do not need to develop the diary again.

  2. 2. 

    Follow these instructions:

    GN 00204.027: Title II Application Open Because of Title XVI Filing

    GN 00204.010: Protective Filing

    GN 00204.015: Title XVI Redeterminations (RZs) as Protective Filings for

    Title II Benefits

    GN 00204.012: How to Dispose of a Protective Writing

    SI 00601.035: Adjudicating Title II When a Title XVI Application Is Filed

  3. 3. 

    If the member of the couple could receive title II spouse’s benefits, explain how the receipt of title II income will affect their total SSI payment.

  4. 4. 

    If the person does not file for title II benefits or does not elect full retroactivity, follow the procedures for filing for other benefits in SI 00510.001- SI 00510.030, and take action to suspend his/her SSI benefits if he/she does not comply.

  5. 5. 

    See the instructions in SM 01501.250B. for how to clear the diary. However, do not clear the diary if you suspended benefits for failure to file for other benefits or failure to cooperate or any other reason.

  6. 6. 

    If the couple member who is already receiving title II benefits is receiving them on someone else’s work record, determine if entitlement to those benefits should stop, and take appropriate action.

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