HI 00601.000 Hospital Insurance

Subchapter Table of Contents
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Hospital Insurance
HI 00601.001 Scope of Benefits
HI 00601.005 Covered Part A Inpatient Hospital Services
HI 00601.010 Hospital Inpatient Services - Coverage Guidelines
HI 00601.015 Bed and Board
HI 00601.020 Nursing and Other Services
HI 00601.025 Drugs and Biologicals
HI 00601.030 Supplies, Appliances and Equipment
HI 00601.035 Other Diagnostic or Therapeutic Items or Services
HI 00601.040 Services of Interns or Residents-in-Training
HI 00601.045 Inpatient Services in Connection with Dental Services
HI 00601.050 Therapy Services
HI 00601.055 Inpatient Hospital Services Counting Toward Maximums
HI 00601.060 Guarantee of Payment for Inpatient Hospital Service
HI 00601.065 Lifetime Reserve Days
HI 00601.070 Inpatient Day Defined
HI 00601.075 Late Discharge
HI 00601.080 Leaves of Absence
HI 00601.085 Discharge or Death on First Day of Entitlement or Participation
Psychiatric Reduction
HI 00601.090 Limitation on Inpatient Psychiatric Benefits in Initial Benefit Period
HI 00601.095 Patient's Status in Applying Reduction
HI 00601.100 Institution's Status in Determining Reduction in Days
HI 00601.105 Counting Days of Admission, Discharge, and Leave in Reducing Days
HI 00601.110 Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Services—Lifetime Limitation
HI 00601.115 Inpatient Service Days Counting Toward Maximums
Extended Care Services—Coverage
HI 00601.120 Coverage of Extended Care Services
HI 00601.125 SNF Coverage Guidelines
Requirements for Coverage
HI 00601.130 Prior Hospitalization and Transfer Requirements
HI 00601.135 Covered Level of Care
HI 00601.140 Daily Skilled Service
HI 00601.145 Skilled Nursing Services
HI 00601.150 Nonskilled Nursing Services
HI 00601.155 Questionable Situations
HI 00601.160 Physical Therapy as Basis for Extended Care
HI 00601.165 Other Rehabilitation Service as a Basis for Extended Care
HI 00601.170 Need Satisfied Only by SNF Inpatient Care
Part A Covered Extended Care Services
HI 00601.175 Covered Extended Care Services
HI 00601.180 Nursing Care Provided by or Under the Supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse
HI 00601.185 Bed and Board in Semi-Private Accommodations Furnished in Connection With Nursing Care
HI 00601.190 Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Furnished by the SNF or by Others Under Arrangements with the SNF and Under Its Supervision
HI 00601.195 Medical Social Services
HI 00601.200 Drugs and Biologicals
HI 00601.205 Supplies, Appliances and Equipment
HI 00601.210 Medical Services of an Intern or Resident-in-Training
HI 00601.220 Other Diagnostic or Therapeutic Services Provided by a Hospital
HI 00601.230 Other Services
Duration of Covered Extended Care Services
HI 00601.270 Extended Care Benefit Days
HI 00601.280 Inpatient Extended Care Services Counting Toward Maximums
Hospice Care - Coverage
HI 00601.290 Covered Hospice Services
HI 00601.295 Hospice Care - Requirements for Coverage
Home Health Services—Coverage
HI 00601.300 Home Health Services
HI 00601.310 HHA Coverage—Discussion Guidelines
Covered Services
HI 00601.320 Nursing Care
HI 00601.330 Definition of “Intermittent”
HI 00601.340 When Skilled Nursing Care is Reimbursable
HI 00601.350 Skilled Nursing Services—Examples
HI 00601.360 Student Nurses
HI 00601.370 Psychiatric Nursing
HI 00601.380 Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Furnished by an HHA or by Others Under Arrangements With the HHA and Under its Supervision
Other Home Health Services
HI 00601.390 Medical Social Services
HI 00601.400 Services of a Home Health Aide
HI 00601.410 Medical Supplies (Except for Drugs and Biologicals) and the Use of Medical Appliances
HI 00601.420 Services of Interns and Residents
HI 00601.430 Outpatient Services
HI 00601.440 Part Time or Intermittent Services
HI 00601.450 Counting Visits Under the Hospital and Medical Plans
HHA Exclusions
HI 00601.460 Specific Exclusions from Coverage as Home Health Services
Home Health Services—Part A
HI 00601.470 Special Conditions for Coverage of Home Health Services Under Hospital Insurance (Part A)
HI 00601.480 Fourteen Day Limit on Plan Establishment
HI 00601.490 Related Illness or Impairment
HI 00601.500 Transfer of Patient
HI 00601.510 Duration of Home Health Services Under Hospital Insurance
HI 00601.520 Presumption of Coverage
HI 00601.550 Inpatient Hospital Deductible TN 4 01-20
HI 00601.560 Inpatient Hospital Coinsurance TN 4 01-20
HI 00601.570 Extended Care Coinsurance TN 4 01-20
HI 00601.575 Basis for Determining the Coinsurance Amounts
HI 00601.580 Part A Blood Deductible
Provider Cost Limits
HI 00601.590 Background
HI 00601.600 Provider Charges to Beneficiaries for Excess Costs
HI 00601.610 Determining Emergency Services
HI 00601.620 District Office Role

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