TN 1 (05-95)

NL 00702.230 Special Keys


Special keys are used for specific purposes.


This is a list of the special keys and their functions:

@ or Field Mark — The @ sign or the FIELD MARK keys are used in EDIT mode to split lines when editing text. Either one can be used by pressing it when the cursor is placed at the point the line should be split. This marks the text. Pressing ENTER invokes the split command.

; — The semicolon is used in EDIT mode to invoke a TAB command that was previously established. It can also be used to make columns. Models with fill-ins use the semicolon to separate the fill-ins.

ENTER — You must press the ENTER key to close all entries and execute all commands. Text you have keyed in does not become part of the document until you press ENTER. If there are no functions to execute or data to store, pressing ENTER causes the screen display to scroll forward one line. If a PF key function is needed, when the PF key is pressed it will also do the ENTER function.

Alt + End — Use the ERASE INPUT key function if you have made a typing mistake and want to return the text to its previous condition. You will get a blank screen. Press ENTER and you will get the screen as it appeared the last time you pressed Enter.

Left Square Bracket "[" — This key is used when it is necessary to hold a space between words that should not be separated at the end of a line. For example, a person's first name and last name should appear on the same line of text. It is not always possible to know how a name will appear in the final version of a document. To avoid the possibility of a name being divided always use the Left Square Bracket key between the names.

EXAMPLES: Use Left Square Bracket:

  • between titles (Mr. or Ms.) and names;

  • between first names and initials and last names;

  • on spelled out dates between the month and the day;

  • after a colon, twice when the colon is followed by text on the same line;

  • to hold the blank spaces on a line when showing “Remail” and a date on the first line of a document; and

  • to hold the blank spaces on a line when showing “Sincerely” at the bottom of a document.

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