TN 1 (10-00)

VB 00901.011 Denial of Claim for Special Veterans Benefits for Failure to Meet Requirements for Qualification/Entitlement

A. Policy

A formal denial of an application for Special Veteran Benefits (SVB) will be processed when:

  • The claimant does not meet at least one of the qualification requirements for SVB (VB 00102.001);

  • The claimant fails to establish foreign residency within the established timeframes (VB 00102.010); or,

  • A disqualifying event exists at the time the determination of qualification is made (VB 00102.005).

SVB denials will be made by the servicing FO when the SVB claim is filed in the U.S. The Regional Federal Benefits Officer (RFBO) in Manila, Philippines has the authority to process formal SVB denials or he or she may send the SVB claim to the Palm Springs CPS to be processed. Denials on all other SVB claims filed outside the U.S., including those filed in an FBU are processed by the CPS in Palm Springs.

EXCEPTION: Denials on SVB applications filed in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands are processed by the South Bronx CPS.

NOTE: See VB 00201.055 for processing denials on an SVB application from a person without an SSN.

B. Procedure – Servicing FO and CPS

Take the following actions when an SVB denial is processed in the servicing FO or CPS:

  • Make the formal denial determination of the SVB claim;

  • Document the reason the claim is being denied;

  • Prepare the formal denial notice (See VB 05001.017);

  • Send the formal denial notice to the claimant; and

  • Input the information (date and reason for denial of the claim) on the San Francisco Intranet site.

Do NOT establish an SSR if one does not exist, or input SVB denial information to an established SSR.

C. Process – FBU in Manila Only

The RFBO in Manila has the authority to process SVB denials and, if he or she chooses to process an SVB denial, should follow the procedures in VB 00901.011B.

NOTE: The RFBO is the only position in Manila that has the authority to formally deny SVB claims and issue formal SVB denial notices. SVB denials not processed by the RFBO are processed by the Palms Springs CPS.

Regardless of where the formal SVB denial is processed, the RFBO will fax the SVB application and related materials to the Palm Springs CPS before mailing all materials to the CPS. Retain a copy of all SVB-related claims material in the FBU.

D. Procedure - All other FBUs

Denials on SVB claims filed in an FBU are processed by the Palm Springs CPS. Prior to mailing the claims material to the CPS, the FBU will:

  • Make certified photocopies or extracts of any evidence submitted;

  • Show the individual's name and Social Security number on the material; and

  • Fax and then mail the SVB claims material to the CPS.

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