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RM 10212.200 Changing NUMIDENT Data for Reasons Other than Name Change

A. How we change NUMIDENT data

We only “correct” or “change” information that is on a prior NUMIDENT record when there is a documented keying error.

In cases of a keying error, you must review the prior Social Security number (SSN) application (SS-5); however, do not presume there was a keying error. If you cannot review the prior application, obtain a new application with proper evidence. The individual must submit evidence showing the correct data or information (e.g., a BC to correct an individual’s date of birth information) with evidence established before the cycle date on the NUMIDENT entry where the keying error was made.

If an individual wishes to update information previously submitted to us, the individual must complete and submit an SSN replacement card application with any evidence required to support the update, and we will create a new record showing the new data and append it to the prior record(s) on the NUMIDENT.

Keying Errors: For instructions see details

  • RM 10210.295 Date of Birth Change on the NUMIDENT

  • RM 10215.055 Correct a Coding Error that Resulted in an Incorrect Employment Legend on the SSN Card

B. How do you create a new NUMIDENT entry to update data on the NUMIDENT

1. Request evidence

Each individual requesting an update of information on a current NUMIDENT record must submit:

  • an SSN application for a replacement SSN or card;

  • evidence of identity to establish that the applicant is the person on the record to whom SSA assigned the SSN; and

  • evidence to support the update per the chart in this section.

2. Obtain documentation

Use this table to determine when supporting documentation is required for requested updates to the NUMIDENT and any additional actions needed.

NOTE: These procedures apply to updates only. In cases of keying errors, see the instructions in section A.

For this update

Obtain this supporting documentation, when required, and follow any additional instructions

Sex field

No evidence is required to change the sex field on the NUMIDENT. Accept the sex as indicated by the number holder or proper applicant.

NOTE: The sex field on the NUMIDENT should not be used to make any determination about initial or continuing benefit eligibility. Do not update the MBR, SSR, RPS or any other SSA record for change of sex.

a. Request for binary change (male/female): Accept the applicant’s self-identified sex designation of either male or female, even if it is different from the sex designation shown on identity documents, such as a passport, or state-issued driver’s license or identity card.

See RM 10212.200B.4, in this section.

If the applicant is requesting a replacement card, and all criteria are satisfied, issue the replacement card according to RM 10205.015.

b. Request for non-binary change (neither male nor female): For requests to update the NUMIDENT with a non-binary sex designation such as an X, use the following script:

Currently, SSA’s record systems are unable to include a non-binary or unspecified sex designation. SSA is examining ways to address this in the future. Would you like to request a replacement card?

If the applicant is requesting a replacement card, and all criteria are satisfied, issue the replacement card according to RM 10205.015.

If the number holder does not request a replacement card, follow procedures to provide written notification of why the request to update the Social Security Number record cannot be processed, see RM 00299.020. Select "Other" and annotate, "Currently, SSA's record systems are unable to include a non-binary or unspecified sex designation."

Date of birth field

See Date of Birth Change on the NUMIDENT in RM 10210.295.

Place of birth (PLB) field

  • U.S. born: a birth certificate (BC)

  • Foreign born: an acceptable document such as a BC or an acceptable proof of age document listed in kinds of documents that establish age for an SSN card in RM 10210.265, provided the document also list the individual’s PLB.

Citizenship field

Evidence of U.S. citizenship:

  • U.S. public birth record showing birth in one of the 50 U.S. states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands of the U.S. (on or after 01/17/1917), or the Northern Mariana Islands (on or after 11/04/1986 (NMI Local time),

  • U.S. passport,

  • Certificate of Naturalization,

  • Certificate of Citizenship, or

  • Other documents listed in RM 10210.505, RM 10210.510, RM 10210.520, and RM 10210.525.

Interviewers should request and obtain from the individual, the U.S. citizenship document with the highest evidence level available (i.e., the document exists or the individual can obtain the U.S. document within 10 working days) before accepting a document of a lower level. You may use primary, secondary, third-level, or fourth-level evidence to change the citizenship data on a NUMIDENT record.

EXAMPLE: If primary evidence of U.S. citizenship is not available (does not exist or the individual cannot obtain the primary evidence in 10 working days), then the interviewer may accept secondary evidence to change the citizenship data on the NUMIDENT record.

Parent's name field

  • Original or amended BC, or

  • Final adoption decree issue by the court or court determination of paternity

3. Process the request

a. If you update the sex code on the NUMIDENT

  • enter "Self-Attestation" on the Social Security Number Application Process (SSNAP) remarks screen.

  • Do not update the MBR, SSR,RPS or any other SSA record with the new sex designation.

b. When changing a parent’s name on a child’s NUMIDENT record, ask if the parent is a title II beneficiary, an SSI recipient, or a representative payee. If so, review the MBR, SSR, or RPS record and initiate or complete actions necessary to update the record (e.g., correcting a parent’s name on the SSR record or ensuring that actions are taken to complete a new representative payee application).

IMPORTANT:In the “Remarks” block on the SSNAP Summary screen, list any evidence or documents the individual submitted to change the following fields on the NUMIDENT, if not previously captured in SSNAP:

  • PLB field, or

  • parent’s name field.

4. When to suppress an SSN card

Process the requested change but suppress the issuance of a replacement SSN card when the correction will not affect any data on the face of the SSN card (i.e., changes to the sex, DOB, PLB, or parent’s name fields on the NUMIDENT) and the individual is still in possession of the SSN card showing the correct information.

5. When to send written notice

Send a written notice if you are unable to provide an individual with an original or replacement SSN or card. Follow the instructions:

  • RM 00299.020 Form SSA-L676 – Refusal to Process SSN Application, or

  • RM 10205.090 Form SS-5 Received, and Additional Documentation is Needed, or

  • RM 10215.110 Policy on Providing Written Notice and Second Review When SSN or Card May Not Be Issued, or

  • RM 10215.115 Procedures for Providing Written Notice to an SSN Applicant.


  • RM 10210.505 Primary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship

  • RM 10210.510 Secondary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. Born Applicant

  • RM 10210.520 Third Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. Born Applicant

  • RM 10210.525 Fourth Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. Born Applicant

  • RM 10220.210 Evidence Requirements for Documentation of Harassment, Abuse, or Life Endangerment (HALE)

  • GN 00301.030 Acceptability of Documentary Evidence

  • GN 00301.080 Certification by Custodian of the Record

  • GN 00301.045 Validity of Documents

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