TN 16 (09-93)

GN 00302.340 Evidence of Survivor Status - Foreign Sources

A. General

If there is no evidence of Holocaust survivor status from U.S. sources, ask if comparable evidence exists in foreign countries. If so, use the procedure in GN 00302.340B. to request evidence from such sources.

B. Procedure

Follow this procedure in attempting to obtain evidence of survivor status from foreign sources if there is no domestic evidence.

Step Action
1 Ask the claimant is comparable evidence exists in foreign countries.

Does such evidence exits?

  • If yes, go to step 3, and skip 4.

  • If no, go to step 4

3 Obtain the name and address of the organization from the claimant.
4 Use the list of organizations following this procedure short as source of evidence.


Obtain the claimant's authorization to contact the source.

NOTE: If the claimant prefers, he/she, may contact the organization directly.


Provide with the request identifying information which is as complete as possible

EXAMPLE: The following should be provided

  • Foreign spelling of anglicized name

  • Place of birth

  • Where the claimant was located during the war

  • Name of any camp where located.

  • Dates present at any camp

  • Names of other family member interned at the same camp.

7 Ask for verification that the claimant was residing in one of the countries listed above during the appropriate period (see GN 00302.336B.)

C. Organization

If the claimant cannot provide any lead to foreign or domestic evidence of survivor status, write directly to the following organizations. The DO (or the claimant) may write simultaneously to all the organizations or to only those which appear very likely to be productive.


    EXAMPLE: If the claimant is sure that he/she was awarded or denied indemnification payments, the Bundeszentralkartei will most likely be able to provide the requisite evidence of survivor status.

The organizations are listed in the order of greatest likelihood of finding a record.

Organization Address




    NOTE: This organization maintains records of all indemnification claims.

Nordrhein — Westfalen

Fannenstrass 26


West Germany

International Tracing service (see GN 00307.511 Arolsen

West Germany



    IMPORTANT: If the person once entered Israel, the following organization may also have some information.

Jewish Agency Search Bureau for Missing Relatives 18 Bezalel

Jerusalem, Israel
Central Zionist Archives 11BN Gevirol

Jerusalem, Israel
Ministry of Immigrant

P.O. Box 616

Jerusalem Israel

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