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GN 00308.001 Listing of Sources and Fees for Birth, Death, Divorce and Marriage Records

A. Introduction

1. Section Contents

Sections GN 00308.006-GN 00308.235 contain the addresses of specific State, territorial, and local Bureaus of Vital Statistics (BVS) and registrars. They are not an availability listing.

Every section in this subchapter containing information about a State's Vital Statistics includes a Universal Routing Locator (url) to the State-maintained BVS site. Use these links for the most up-to-date information on requesting BVS information.

NOTE: Sections containing information to U.S. Territories (GN 00308.200, GN 00308.210-GN 00308.230) might contain urls to the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS). This information may not be as current as that in the State-maintained websites.

Whether the FO can certify, verify or obtain a free copy of the county birth or death record is indicated by either a “YES” or “NO,” if known.

2. Requesting Changes

When SSA employees become aware of changes, they are asked to notify the Office of PolicyNet and Program Support (OPPS). Types of changes can include:

  • mailing address updates,

  • new urls, and

  • changes to the cost of certified copies.

Please submit these changes using the PolicyNet “Feedback ” facility, with a copy faxed to the Regional Office. OPPS will assign all requests to Central Office staff.

NOTE: Minor and substantive changes will need to be reviewed and approved by Central Office staff. Processing time will vary based on the content of the proposed changes.

B. Procedure

1. How to Request Records

To request records:

  • ask the claimant to write directly or call the custodian for a copy of the record. See GN 00301.180 when claimant cannot handle his/her affairs.

    NOTE: SSA does not accept credit card information. The claimant should provide this information directly to the BVS involved.

  • check the applicable entry in this subchapter to determine whether to ask the FO parallel to the custodian of the record for assistance or whether the request can be made directly to the custodian, when a claimant needs assistance in requesting records. See GN 00904.080.

2. What to Provide

Provide as much as possible of the following:

  • full name of person who was born or who died; or for divorce and marriage records, the full names of the husband and wife (including a maiden name and nicknames);

  • date of event;

  • place of event;

  • sex (for birth and death records);

  • parents' full names, including mother's maiden name (for birth records).

Annotate that the request is for Social Security purposes. Have the claimant enclose payment for the certificate. For exception to claimant payment, refer to GN 00301.210.

3. Identification Requirements

Some BVSs require a photocopy of the requester's identification for processing vital record requests. In these situations in which an FO employee is the requester, you may photocopy any of the following:

  • Your HSPD-12 credential;

  • Your SSA-248-cd;

  • Your Optional Form 55 (OF-55); or

  • Your Special Purpose Identification (SPID).

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