Continuing Disability Review Cases

Chapter Table of Contents
DI 28001.000 Introduction to the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Process
DI 28003.000 Resumption of the CDR Process
DI 28005.000 The CDR Evaluation Process
DI 28010.000 Medical Improvement and Related Medical Issues
DI 28015.000 Relating Medical Improvement to the Ability to Work - Title II and Adult Title XVI Beneficiaries
DI 28020.000 Exceptions to Medical Improvement
DI 28030.000 General Development of CDR Cases
DI 28035.000 Processing of Lost Folders/Medical Evidence
DI 28040.000 Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) or Medical Improvement Not Expected - Equivalent (MINE - Equivalent) Cases
DI 28050.000 Work Activity Cases Trial Work Period
DI 28055.000 Extended Period of Eligibility (EPE) Cases
DI 28057.000 Expedited Reinstatement
DI 28060.000 Case Involving VR Participation
DI 28065.000 Cases Involving Individuals Convicted of a Felony
DI 28075.000 Special CDR Issues
DI 28080.000 Due Process
DI 28084.000 Completion of Continuing Disability Review Determination Forms (SSA-832 and SSA-833)
DI 28087.000 Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Other Agency Referrals
DI 28090.000 CDR Rationale Preparation
DI 28095.000 CDR Notice Instructions

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