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SI 04005.035 iAppeals – Title XVI

A. Introduction to the iAppeals process

iAppeals is a Social Security online internet service that allows claimants to file a reconsideration or hearing request on a Title II (TII), Title XVI (TXVI), or concurrent TII and TXVI initial disability determination online. An iAppeals appeal request includes the following forms:

  • i561 (Request for Reconsideration), or

  • i501 (Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge), and

  • i3441 (Disability Report – Appeal).

Note: As of June 16, 2018, the i520, the equivalent of the paper form HA-520 (Request for Review of Hearing Decision/Order), is available in iAppeals. Claimants use the i520 to request Appeals Council review of a disability or non-medical hearing decision.

The information in these instructions is specific to Title XVI.

Procedures common for both TII and TXVI are in section GN 03101.125. This section includes general information and instructions concerning the following issues:

  • the iAppeals process,

  • claimant requirements,

  • Internet User’s (IU) iAppeals experience,

  • iAppeals assignment of appeal requests, and

  • identifying appeals requests on the Internet Disability Workload Management Information (WMI) List.

B. Field office procedures for importing and processing appeal requests submitted through iAppeals

When an IU submits an appeal request, an appeal event automatically opens in Modernized Supplemental Security Income Claims System (MSSICS) with the event unit code of “NEWINT” on the Jurisdiction and Status Screen. The next day, the appeal event appears on the field office (FO) Supplemental Security Income Management Information List.

Within five business days of the submit date that appears on the FO’s Internet Disability WMI listing, take the following action(s) to process the appeal requests submitted through iAppeals:

  1. 1. 

    Import the appeal request into MSSICS per MS 04420.000. Most of the information from the i561 or i501 propagates to MSSICS. However, technicians must enter information for some of the fields; including, but not limited to, the good cause for late filing statement. See DI 81010.137 when the IU submits documents through the iAppeals attachment utility.

  2. 2. 

    Review the information and contact the claimant to resolve any discrepancies. MSSICS alerts a technician when the contact information on iAppeals is different from what is in MSSICS.

  3. 3. 

    In addition, develop other issues and good cause for late filing of the appeal when necessary. Use MSSICS to document development of the appeal.

  4. 4. 

    Use the Electronic Disability Collect System to transfer the appeal request to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) or the servicing hearing office (HO) as appropriate. The hearing request must be transferred to the servicing HO within five business days of the submit date that appears on the FO’s Internet Disability WMI listing.

  5. 5. 

    Mail a copy of the appeal request to the claimant after importing it into MSSICS.

  6. 6. 

    If an IU also lists a non-medical issue as a reason for appeal, process the appeal request for it too.

C. Appeal references

  • GN 03101.125 iAppeals General and Title II Instructions

  • GN 03103.040 Determining Servicing Hearing Office

  • DI 12005.005 Processing a Reconsideration Request for a Medically Denied Initial Disability Claim

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  • DI 81010.150 Processing Claims Appeals of Medical Decisions in Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)

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  • MS 04420.000: Appeals - Table of Contents

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