TN 2 (07-02)

RM 01310.030 Online Query (PEBES ONLINE for Social Security Statement Data By FO and TSC Personnel

A. Policy

To help answer SSN holders' questions about the Statements they received, FO and TSC personnel can obtain the personalized data online. See MSOM QUERIES 003.011 for instructions on completing the query screen to request the data online. MSOM QUERIES 007.002 describes the query output.

B. Procedure

PEBES ONLINE queries should be used with caution. The Statement system, which provides the query responses, is designed to provide projected information for living SSN holders. It does not produce disability benefit estimates based on onsets in the past or survivors benefit estimates based on deaths that occurred before the current year.

The query response is not a form designed for public distribution. Its data format and lack of explanatory information may make it difficult for SSN holders to understand. Do not routinely give the query printout to the SSN holder at the close of a contact. As an alternative if the SSN holder wants written confirmation of the benefit estimates you provided, suggest that he or she request a Social Security Statement online at However, if the requester has an immediate need for the statement information and cannot wait for mail issuance, you may print and give out the PEBES ONLINE form if you first explain the entries to the requester ( GN 03340.010B.2.).

C. References

MSOM QUERIES 007.004 explains the query response

MSOM QUERIES 007.005 provides instructions for completing the screen that is used to update information on the History File when the SSN holder asks to receive the Statement in a different language or wants to be excluded from future automatic Statement issuances .

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